Status Update (what I’m working on)

So, long overdue update, but faithful readers will be happy to know that I’m working (however slowly) on my sequel, which I’ve decided will be named, “Return to the Dreamosphere.” My biggest fan (11-year-old nephew Luke) got the first seven chapters as a sneak peek for his birthday, and his face said it all. He was sucked in! Ready for more! I have the entire outline finished and get chills thinking about what’s to come. Just need to get writing!

Book work has been put onĀ hold somewhat due to my focusing on a lot of freelance work. I loved being a staff writer for Highroads Magazine, which sadly, is no more, so I reached out andĀ secured gigs with several Phoenix-based mags this year so I can keep in the groove. I LOVE interviewing people, and doing food reviews, and visiting places, and just sharing stories. So! Book’s coming along (however laboriously), but freelance work is booming!

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