Signing #2

Okay, I can really get into this. Do you know how cool it is to tell someone about your book, see their eyes widen with interest, have them nod and smile when you talk about the craziness of dreams, and then have them purchase a book and hand it to you to sign?  Possibly the most gratifying thing in the world. I LOVE THIS!!!!! Last Saturday was Sci-Fi/Fantasy Day at Metro Center B&N, and it was a blast. Got to meet some other authors, and do some networking, but of course, talking to folks and signing books was the highlight. Some pics below. 🙂  NEXT APPEARANCE: Friday, August 15 from 6-8:00 pm at San Tan Mall B&N. See you there!

me and pic line of authors pile of books stormtroopers reading

Best. Day. Ever!

launch pic

The official book launch for The Dreamosphere was a smashing success! I about had a heart attack when the bookstore called me the Monday before the launch and told me they hadn’t received my books yet, but it all got sorted out in the end, and in fact, we sold out! It was so gratifying to see so many people come out. I have such great support from my friends, family and peers. I’ve got about 6 book signings set up around the valley in the next two months (check out the Events) tab, and I am so excited!!! I kind of like this whole author thing. 🙂

I have more than 100 pics from the event, but here are a select few. Enjoy!

7.12.14 dreamosphere book launch (92)



7.12.14 dreamosphere book launch (63)

7.12.14 dreamosphere book launch (96)

7.12.14 dreamosphere book launch (115)



The Inspiration

So I was going through some old things recently and found one of my original dream journals (the inspiration for The Dreamosphere, of course)! This one is from high school. So fun to re-read these accounts. The pages are riddled with question marks, indicating my disbelief at the randomness of the things that go on in my head at night.  Good material for Book Two!

my dream journal cover page my dream journal with porthos my dream journal open

Calling all Dreamers

So the inspiration for The Dreamosphere was dreams, my dreams specifically. I dream Every. Single. Night. And I remember them all. And they are CRAZY! You can not imagine the things that go on in this noggin at night. I finally had enough people say, “You’ve got to write these down,” that I decided to make a story out of it, hence, the book. 🙂 I want to find out what your take is on dreams. Message me with one of your most memorable dreams, and maybe it will end up in my next book! Nothing is too weird (I assure you). Whether the dream is:

  • funny
  • terrifying
  • confusing
  • soothing
  • ridiculous
  • prophetic

I can’t wait to hear about it!

The Dreamosphere Book Launch is set for Saturday July 12!

It’s happening. It’s really happening!!! My official book launch has been scheduled, and it is PARTY TIME! I’ll be sending out invites on social media, and through traditional mail closer to the event, but for now, I want to shout it from the rooftops!!! This is actually happening. Me. Author. My book. On shelves. Tis glorious! I hope you’ll all come! Feel free to spread the word.

Saturday, July 12, 2014 – 1:00-3:00 pm – Barnes & Noble – Tempe Market Place

* Treats * Prize Drawings * Autographs * Activities * A Guaranteed Good Time! *

Next phase!

Alright, so here’s a timeline for you:

Nov. 2013 – Submitted my manuscript to about 20 publishers, praying that someone would bite

Dec. 2013 – Got a bite and signed the official publishing contract!

Jan. 2014 – Ramped up marketing and promotional initiative (business cards, media kit, press release, bookmarks, endorsements, etc.)

Feb. 2014 Received substantive edits back from editor

NOW – Working on the edits. This will take about a month. I’ve got to do a little re-working of the story; flesh some things out, explain some things better, maybe even chop some things. A lot of work, but exciting at the same time.

Next – Schedule launch party (probably at Barnes & Noble), visit schools, libraries, youth groups, book clubs, etc. to hand out bookmarks and talk about my book. Do blog tours, media interviews, attend writers conferences, and…and…and…TONS of stuff!

May 2014 – Book goes to print

July 8, 2014 – The world finally gets to experience The Dreamosphere!!!

(sidenote: Porthos, my 15-pound tub of love, thinks I should be focused on him and not my book. An adorable distraction)


I think it’s meant to be

So a few nights back I was listening to a webinar by the incomparable Rick Frishman (best selling author, publisher, speaker, superstar, etc. etc. etc.), and through a glorious twist of fortune, I won one of 8 coveted tickets to Author 101 University in Los Angeles this March. This is a huge conference, rife with publishers, authors, marketing experts, agents, Hollywood producers and more. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. Do you know what a huge blessing and opportunity this is??? Holy tar!!! For a gal who is doing this whole thing blind, just figuring it out as she goes, no event could be better.

So, coming this March, to a theater near you:  Laura Does Los Angeles. Yeehaw!!!!

So. Much. To. Do.

I swear, this process never ends! My current area of focus is endorsement requests. I’ve crafted a letter, made a list of authors and celebrities I admire for one reason or another, tracked down their addresses, and will start sending those out soon. The goal is to get some amazing, dizzyingly positive blurbs about my book for the back cover.  Crossing fingers, toes, and eyes that I get some good responses. Eek!