Next phase!

Alright, so here’s a timeline for you:

Nov. 2013 – Submitted my manuscript to about 20 publishers, praying that someone would bite

Dec. 2013 – Got a bite and signed the official publishing contract!

Jan. 2014 – Ramped up marketing and promotional initiative (business cards, media kit, press release, bookmarks, endorsements, etc.)

Feb. 2014 Received substantive edits back from editor

NOW – Working on the edits. This will take about a month. I’ve got to do a little re-working of the story; flesh some things out, explain some things better, maybe even chop some things. A lot of work, but exciting at the same time.

Next – Schedule launch party (probably at Barnes & Noble), visit schools, libraries, youth groups, book clubs, etc. to hand out bookmarks and talk about my book. Do blog tours, media interviews, attend writers conferences, and…and…and…TONS of stuff!

May 2014 – Book goes to print

July 8, 2014 – The world finally gets to experience The Dreamosphere!!!

(sidenote: Porthos, my 15-pound tub of love, thinks I should be focused on him and not my book. An adorable distraction)


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