Dream Weavers Retreat

I just had THE most fantastic weekend! Thanks to the very hard work and preparation of four wonderful local YA authors, twelve other ladies and I experienced a weekend of sharing, learning, brainstorming, laughing, killing a mutant-size centipede, and enjoying the exceptional hospitality of the folks at Breath of Life Retreat in Pine. I needed this. I’ve been so blocked on Part II of the Dreamosphere, but I’ll tell you what, the activities and workshops, and sheer energy and excitement of being with these ladies got my juices flowing again. I’m so excited! And I’ve made a commitment to Gwen, the heroine of our book, that I won’t keep her waiting in limbo anymore! She’s had exciting adventures the past two years. Time for me to let her tell you about them.

I knocked out a couple thousand words on a new project too. Nonfiction for kids. More to come on that…

Here’s to dreaming and writing and LIVING!

me writing in pine

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